At Plural Pleasure we believe in giving back.

We therefore created the first conscious pleasure brand.
Research has clearly shown the sexual imbalance between men and women time and again.
For every three orgasms a men has, a woman has only one (say what!). This “orgasm gap” has been explained as an outcome of societal forces that
implicitly put men’s pleasures ahead of women’s. Orgasms are an important part of women’s overall health, and research shows that climaxing can relieve stress, reduce pain, and increase relationship intimacy. Using love toys is not only fun, it also makes climaxing a lot easier. Not to mention the increase in the intensity of orgasms. What a win!

All of our products are made from body-safe materials and come in a unique (complimentary) cosmetics bag. Inclusivity is in our DNA and we think that all women should be able to enjoy pleasure. That’s why we dedicate 10% of our profit to Olijf, a Dutch charity that supports women who face(d) gynecological cancer.

Plural Pleasure
Self-love that multiplies