L’Eve Green


Limited Edition with sexologist Eveline Stallaart

Together with sexologist Eveline Stallaart, the L’Eve is developed to be different from other vibrators. This toy is excellent for beginners and women who want to try something else. The shape follows the female body, super-soft material is used and the L’Eve is smaller and more gentle than most other vibrators. This toy is fantastic for external use around the vagina, the clitoris or the nipples. 🛁

For every product sold, we donate part of the profit to the Olijf foundation.

P.s. comes with a free makeup bag. 

As seen at RTL Boulevard (Dutch):

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  • Shape: like a leaf on a tree. The shape is discrete and can therefore even be in your purse or on your night cabinet without being noticed as a pleasure toy.
  • Size: small and nice, 9,5 cm by 4 cm.
  • Material: velvety, hygienic and waterproof.
  • Vibrating modes: from soft until hard, regular or ever changing. With 9 different modes you decide what you like the most.


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