Love balls


Pelvic gym sesh

Kegel balls help strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor. They’ve been used for centuries, and are sometimes also referred to as Ben Wa balls. These small, circular weights are inserted into your vagina and essentially make your muscles say “oh, I gotta keep these in,” which triggers them to contract. Think of it as taking your pelvic floor muscles to the gym. You can start by using kegel balls for a few minutes each day, then increasing for longer intervals as you get stronger. (Don’t worry, kegel balls come out easily; you just need to relax your body).

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The benefits:

Many women start doing kegels as a way to boost their sex life. Stronger pelvic floor muscles may lead to more intense sex, since part of your pelvic floor, the pubococcygeus (PC) muscles, contract during orgasm, Oh la la!

While better sex is certainly a benefit, doctors emphasize that it’s not only about that—kegel balls can also help with pregnancy recovery (babies put pressure on your pelvic floor, which weakens those muscles) and especially improve bladder control! This set contains 6 different balls with a different weight so start light and build your way up! #pussypower


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